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My trip to Africa and the inspiration behind the pillows...

Energy Exercises

1 minute exercises that can reduce stress, boost energy, calm the

mind and strengthen your immune system....

To get rid of the daily doldrums, when I wake up to the cold, I do this 5 minute energy routine from Donna Eden's book, Energy Medicine, from the chapter "Get Your Energies Humming".

Each one takes only about 20 seconds, you can't beat that for an exercise routine! 

The Zip Up - helps with confidence and feeling positive about yourself, protects from negative energy

The Hook Up - increases coordination, connects energies between the front and back of your body 

The Cross Crawl - improves coordination, aides clearer thinking

The Three Thumps - energizes, helps concentration, boosts immune system, increases vitality, balances blood sugar

The Wayne Cook Posture - untangles inner chaos, helps with proficient learning and thinking clearly

The Crown Pull - calms the nervous system, refreshes thinking, clears mental congestion

Connecting Heaven and Earth - does just that!