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Part of the proceeds of each pillow and t-shirt go to Made in the Streets..  It was founded by Charles and Darlene Coulston who offer children living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya a place to live, eat and thrive.  They offer general education followed by a trade...woodworking, sewing, catering, fashion and computers.  

I visited them a few years ago to talk about my job as a fashion designer in the hope of inspiring them.  They inspired me.  Find out more from my video on the "my story" page and

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Custom Applique Pillow

Each chakrashirt has a whimsical graphic on the front and inspirational mantra along the side. 

Black tourmaline clears negative thoughts, blocks negative energy and diminished fear.

​​Archangel Michael is your protector. He will clear negative energy and empower you to have faith in all that you do.

Chakras are colorful vibrating energy wheels that align the spine and keep your thoughts, feelings and you in balance.

Choose a color t-shirt to remind you that you are powerful, creative, wise, loved and never alone...and Joy is free!

Custom Pillows

 your loved one's t-shirts 

Keepsake hang tags

with empowering mantra

​Clear quartz crystal is a master healer.  It balances and amplifies energy and brings positive energy and harmony to the space around you. 

The purchase of a chakrashirt or ProtectionPillow supports the education and welfare of youth at Made in the Streets.

Before adding the sachet of elements below to each pillow, I infuse them with the vibrating energy of chrysoprase, for heart healing, and tigers eye, for grounding and balance..  I hold each with positive, loving intentions for you.